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© Functioning with Rugrats -Bethany Jury

Meet Bethany.

Full time mom, trophy partner at Chafe Household Inc., Addiction Fighter, Mental Health Warrior, & Toddler Referee, just to name a few.

Firm believer in the crucible of brokenness having a funny way of leading to awesome lives. Rock bottom has been my trampoline. In my free time you'll catch me trying new food venues, and mocktails or vacationing somewhere in the mountains. Just kidding. Free time? What is free time? My free time consists of locking myself in the bathroom and scrolling Facebook. "These are the days", after-all. At least that's what hindsight will tell me, right? I fill my cup with wellness inspired tools for the soul and help other's fill their's, so they in turn can help others.

Disclaimer: the goal of Functioning with Rugrats is to help women and mothers alike, implement healthy coping strategies to support one's mental health. This is not a money making opportunity or a claim to make one rich quick.